Rémy Martin: #OneLifeLiveThem with Arese Ugwu

I’ve been too shy to post my Rémy Martin commercial lol! Even though its been showing on Tv for a min 😊. That day was filled with so many obstacles we started filming at 7am in the morning and didn’t finish till 11pm at night because of all the mishaps in between….by the time we were done hair and makeup were not the same again😂…but Remy Martin had put together a great team that was committed to getting it done (even though @bidemizakariyau bailed on me at 10pm *sideeye* )

*permit me to be deep for a second *😂 the video shoot was like a metaphor for life…you have a great vision, life throws you obstacles but if you want to succeed you have to learn to roll with the punches and stay resilient

Watch the ad below

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Smart Money Woman Book Tour RSVP with Ezinne Alfa and nnenna Okoye

The Smart Money Woman Book Tour RSVP

The Smart Money Woman Book Tour made a stop at RSVP Victoria Island, Lagos.

It hosted by Nnenna Okoye, CEO Youtopia Beauty and Ezinne Alfa, CEO Beauty in Lagos.

The event started of with a book reading session.

After that there was an interactive session with the audience where they asked questions about the book and also ways to improve their finances in both their businesses and their personal lives.

Also, there was a book signing and then there was a photo session.

oh…and did I mention, theer was a special cocktail made foe the event called the smart woman cocktail…

Here are pictures of what went down (more…)