Smart Money Goals….

I will earn my wealth



We all say we want to be wealthy but what steps are we taking to make it happen?

Start your week by setting some financial goals!

Make a decision to spend less than you make and invest the rest ( aim to spend a maximum of 70% of your income and invest 30%)

What are your long-term goals? ( Invest 20% of your income towards it every month)

What are your short term goals? ( Invest 10% of your income towards it every month)

If you don’t set goals and map out a plan to achieve those goals… being wealthy is just a wish!

  1. Thanks for this…. I really do want to invest, but the challenge is WHERE to invest. If you provide options on where one can invest, that would really be appreciated. Thanks again

  2. Its really hard to save these days..when all we do is pay bills and student loans, but I am going to try your method by saving 30% of my income monthly.

  3. Hi Arese,

    I kinda disagree with the often touted statement of saving “30%, 20% or 10%of your monthly income”. Ladies…wake up and smell the roses. You won’t achieve financial freedom by saving 30-10% of your monthly income. I use myself as an example. When I commenced work 9.5 years ago, I made it a compulsory habit to save 70% of my monthly income while spending 30% only. I was able to achieve freedom by investing in stocks, Treasury Bills and Federal Government bonds. I was able to buy a brand new car cash down without having to seek a bank loan. By 2nd quarter 2014, I took a break from the formal sector to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams which had commenced a year ago as a side hustle. I’ve never had cause to run out of money and I’ve even saved more money without earning a salary by reinvesting all the interests I receive on my investments. So its discipline we require and commitment to individual financial goals.

    1. Jan,
      Great comment.The readers will really appreciate a break down of your investments. FG Bonds are too vague, could you be specific?Just the nitty gritty and lessons learnt in your opinion.

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