Smart Money Tip : Change Your Money Mentality

N10 meme


Just like in life… you can’t afford to wait for perfect conditions to start saving and investing… waiting to have more money, a better job, fewer responsibilities is a waste of your time…

Time is money! So even if that money is N 10,000 a month, as long as you are consistently putting aside a proportion of your income towards savings + investments… financial freedom is in your future. If investing is a part of your lifestyle when you have less, it’ll definitely be a part of your lifestyle when your earning power improves.

So if you can’t save or invest when you have N10 …you won’t save or invest when you have N10 million.

  1. True, makes sense. I fall into this category a lot of times when it comes to charity. I tell myself when I make a lot of money I’ll do A, B , and C. I have to remind myself that though now I might not be super loaded, it may help. Saving isn’t easy sha. Everyone says save or invest, but sometimes the options seen complicated, t bills? Shares? Regular account? Nice post

  2. Very nice tip, but then Some of us find it hard to set aside some money from the little money we have to save, Do u have any ideas or tips on how we could do that? Thank you. Xo

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