Tipping in the states!

tipping in the states

Ok this made me laugh sooo hard! ( because I could totally do this)

Maybe it’s because I’ve never lived in America that I don’t get this whole tipping for no reason business… Call me crazy but I believe in tipping for exceptional service ( I.e like in Nigeria when someone helps you find parking or in London when someone carries your 5 suitcases up 2 flights of stairs )not when someone just breathes next to you and then expects you to tip them. They claim it is optional but they’ll all but spit in your eye if you don’t tip them the way they want and start calling you all sorts of names in * French* to ur face

3 things about tipping in America (esp New York) I will never get!

  1. Why do I have to tip the cab? We went 4 blocks…my guy…I paid my fare… Why are you expecting a tip?
  2. Suggested tips at restaurants( 15%/ 20%/ 25%) I don’t understand if it’s not mandatory…. Is it you that will suggest how much I should tip you?
  3. So I’ve finished eating my food… You give me my bill then underneath you suggest what I should pay you

And my American friends like to argue that it’s because they don’t pay the wait staff enough… Wait! Am I the American government? I’m just a tourist coming from Nigeria where 1 dollar = N165  ( in my own head that means I have to work 165 times harder for every dollar I spend) 15% .

Besides when you come to Nigeria do you tip 15%? And the wait staff in Nigeria are definitely underpaid… I will save my tip money for the people who are grateful for N1k

Help me understand… I get that they are underpaid but aren’t the people in developing countries underpaid too? Why do we feel it’s cool to tip so much when we are abroad but don’t think we shudnt tip the equivalent in nigeria

  1. I totally agree with this. Abroad (esp USA) people tip way more than they do at home (Nigeria). Some times you even tip abroad and don’t even get a ‘thank you’ for it.

  2. Lol@tipping just because you are in my breathing space.

    I believe in tipping when good service is provided or when extra help is offered. For example, if I go to a service-yourself type restaurants where providing the food is the only service offered to me, I don’t see a need to tip.

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