And we have a winner!!!


Yaaay! The winner of our smart money challenge is @marbalng!!!!

Loveeee her mantra! Well done! @marbalng pls send your account details to your N50k prize money will be transferred to your account today! Thanks for playing everyone… look out for the next challenge #smartmoneywitharese

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  1. Congrats to the winner.

    Arese pls apart from land and houses, what else are assets that one could acquire?

    Thanks a lot.

  2. Lol, totally knew she was going to win. As soon as you said she was definitely in the running. Plus she had a lot of mantra options to choose from.
    And then based on that comment, I asked a question about getting a car (which is a liability, but a necessity).
    I can afford a good enough car (hopefully I’m not scammed and don’t have to visit the mechanic every month), but I feel like I have to be rich enough to afford 2 good ones before buying one, because of the expenses that come along with owning a car.
    However, I feel like I’m not living to my full potential due to the stress of public transport system. I get too tired to do anything, and besides time eaten away due to Lagos traffic situation, there’s time spent waiting for buses to come/get full.
    Is getting a car under these circumstances a “poor people” move?

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