Debola Williams

@debolalagos is definitely one of the game changers in our generation. Every interaction with him adds value and brings positive change. He always has new ideas on how you can take things to the next level or he’s introducing you to the people you need to connect with, to get the next thing going. Debola is an inspiration to this generation and the next.Forbes listed him as one of Africa’s best entrepreneurs under 30, business day listed him as one of Nigeria ‘ s 40 leading entrepreneurs under 40 and he recently won the award for CNBC Africa’s Young Business Leader of the year. Love this mantra because when asked one of the top 5 elements necessary for success many business leaders mention their Faith. Trusting that God will multiply our blessings when we trust and obey HIM! #smartmoney #smartmoneywitharese #personalfinanceforthecoolkids #financialliteracyforafrica #smartmoneymantra #shareyoursmartmoneymantra #smartmoneymovement #personalfinance #financialliteracy #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #business #leadership

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