Tola Odunsi

@tolaodunsi is an entertainment industry veteran! He was in the music business before it was cool to be in the music business! Always a sign of a great one…great leaders see the vision clearly before others even get it…He has his hand in so many pots it’ll make your head spin!💲💲💲 Definitely a man to watch! 🙌 🙌 🙌 LOVE this mantra because not many people understand that it’s not how much you make… its what you do with what you make! i.e if you make a N100m and you spend N100m what you have left is Zero! A proportion of your income should always go towards improving your net worth! Smart Money Giveaway! 17th-24th of Feb. Stand the chance to win N50,000 towards your Money goals!!!! To qualify! 1. Share your smart money mantra the one thing you absolutely have to do with your money that helps you take control of your finances! ( only mantras shared in the comment section of the blog will be 2. I’ll be asking celebrities, business leaders and media personalities to share their smart money mantras with us! This should give you a clue on how to craft your mantra ( repost at least 3 of your fave of these mantras with the hashtag #smartmoneymantra #smartmoneywitharese) 3.Follow smartmoneywitharese on instagram, Twitter and Facebook 4. Subscribe to the 5. Repost at least 3 of your fave smartmoneymantra posts To win you must meet all the criteria listed above! I’ll pick and announce the winner on the 1st of March! I’ll be picking the most authentic and helpful mantra! ( in my opinion) Good luck people!!! #smartmoney #financialliteracyforafrica #personalfinanceforthecoolkids #smartmoneywitharese #smartmoneymovement #personalfinance #financialliteracy #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #business #leadership #smartmoneymantra #shareyoursmartmoneymantra

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