Tope Abiola

@topefnr is the gorgeous creative director of FnR! Matopeda is very industrious and is the definition of a woman living her purpose… I particularly love the role that story telling plays in building her brand..even if you’ve never worn her clothes..reading her posts will make you want to be a part of her tribe..a part of the FnR experience… LOVE this mantra because it’s important to always put yourself in a position to learn…. There are always ways to improve, constantly sharpening your skills puts you in a position to earn more! Billionaires like Mark Cuban emphasise the importance of continuous learning and becoming a master in your area of competence… don’t be good… be great! Always strive for excellence #shareyoursmartmoneymantra #personalfinanceforthecoolkids #smartmoneymovement #personalfinance #financialliteracy #money #smartmoneymantra #smartmoneywitharese

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