Becoming Financially Fearless


I’ve always been super shy! (Even my BFFs don’t believe me bcos i’m very opinionated in private convos lol) I was a painfully shy kid but I learned to overcome it as I got older…I sucked at presentations in Uni, I would stammer and lose my train of thought all the time but I kept practician…by the time I was doing my Masters I was half decent at giving presentations.

Fast forward years later, I’m speaking to a room filled with 100s of people with no presentation slides or written script in my hand! sharing a stage with people who have dominated their industries in the last 2 decades….Nimi Akinkugbe, Tonye Cole ,Arunma Oteh and Funmi Oyetunji… people who have achieved phenomenal things…let’s just say I had a bout of imposter’s syndrome that morning… I kept texting my BFF @arierhi from the stage…freaking out like what am I possibly going to say after a legend like Tonye Cole has spoken!
So I said a little prayer…got my act together and told myself I couldn’t let down all the ppl who had given small Arese this Big opportunity! And even if im my biggest critic…I think I did pretty well and passed my message across! ( A client called me the next day to say Arese did u wear pink? You must have made a good impression bcos my wife was in the audience and she came home raving about the girl in the pink suit that spoke from the heart) Moral of the story: Everyone is scared! Just do it anyway…practice, Practice, practice that’s the only way to overcome a weakness. The harder u work at it, the more often u do it, the better u’ll get at it!#smartmoney #smartmoneywitharese#smartmoneyafrica#smartmoneymovement#personalfinance #financialliteracy#entrepreneur #entrepreneurship#business #leadership #speaker

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