The Smart Money woman – Why I decided to write a book

Why I decided to write a book…? I just launched the platform and Adebola Williams said congratulations…you know what, I think you should really start thinking about writing a book

I was like “A book?!” It’s one thing to write an article and a completely different thing to write a book

I started thinking about it…what would it feel like? What would it look like if I decided to write a book?

At first I thought let me write a book about my life. Then again, I thought my life isn’t that interesting

I thought about a how to book for a 20 something year old but millennials don’t really love reading about finance.

Then I decided to write a book that I would like to read and I basically read 2 types of books

  1. Chick lits – books about the modern woman
  2. Business books

So the smart money woman is basically a mix of both. It’s fiction. It tells you the story of Zuri and her friends and their relationships and their love life

And it also has smart money lessons at the end of every chapter

To buy the book, click here

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