1. I enjoyed watching this. I agree, lack of financial education is keeping people away from the stock market. Lack of financial education also contributed to d hospital losses that occurred in 2008. I was working in a bank that year and as a marketer we had targets to give out credit facilities so as to make money for the bank. Another issue I agree with is that people did not diversify their stock investment. Everyone went for the banks which were artificially priced. I like to advice people to always invest in counter physical stock. Stocks that even in times of depression, people must still patronize their products. E.g pharmaceutical, food. Etc. In all, people should be wise and invest smartly. Apply the principle of ‘value investing’ which is simply buying stocks when they are priced lower than than their intrinsic value’. Be fearful when otbers are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.


  2. Awesome. Love how the stock market has been simplified for the average Joe and Jane on the street. As Baron Rothschild said, buy when there is blood on the streets.

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