Access your pension fund anywhere, anytime

Access your pension fund anywhere, anytime

Bros Akin…ki lo de? Why so serious?

It’s this my pension people again o he said. I’m still waiting on them to send me the balance of my Retirement Savings Account.

Waiting ke?! Why don’t you just check your statement online.

Ehn? I said pension not bank account he said in a disgruntled manner. I know I replied, don’t tell me your PFA does not have an online channel to access your account. Whenever I want to access my retirement savings, all I have to do is log on to the web portal or access my account via the CrusaderSterling Pensions Mobile Connect app and voila…I can view my account. And I can do so anywhere, anytime and it’s real easy. You can also interact with them via whatsapp. They have a dedicated number just for this…it’s 09031316029

You don’t mean it he said with eyes wide open. Tell me more abeg…which PFA do you use? I need to come over to the light.

CrusaderSterling Pensions bros Akin…CrusaderSterling Pensions

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