Calculating your pension should not be a complicated process

Calculating your pension should not be a complicated process

What’s all this paper lying around and what’s with the calculator? I asked as I entered Uncle Obi’s house. I’m trying to calculate my pension he said. What for I asked? I just want to make sure they haven’t made a mistake. *face palm*

Uncle Obi isn’t really my uncle. We’ve been friends since primary school. We gave him the nickname uncle Obi because he is old fashioned when it comes to a lot of things but that is a story for another day.

HA!!!! Uncle Obi…Is this what you are going to spend the whole day doing? And by the look of things, you aren’t having much luck. Why don’t you just use a pension calculator and be done with it.

How can I be sure that it will give me the right answer?

Well you won’t know till you try…duhhh.

He logs on to the pension calculator on CrusaderSterling Pensions and after a few minutes I notice an embarrassed look on his face. O ho…Mr ITK I said rolling my eyes, shay you can see for yourself.

The pension calculator works just fine…I’ve tried both the future view calculator and the monthly payment calculator and it’s accurate he replied with eyes now beaming with excitement.

I’d have been stuck here the whole day if not for you. Let me just bookmark the URL so I can come back to it later he said.

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