Growth with our Pension Plans


Is it really necessary to have a pension asked Akin.

Yes I said.

But what about returns. I don’t want to put my money somewhere and at the end of the day and nothing happens to it. I might as well invest it in another business. One thing I like about an investment is when that investment grows continuously. There is nothing like knowing that your money is working for you while you sleep.

True I responded. But rest assured your money will grow over time. You can check the stats for yourself I replied. Just search online and you will see that CrusaderSterling Pensions has recorded growth over the years.

CrusaderSterling Pensions limited has over the years performed incredibly well. Their products have consistently recorded growth over time. So no matter the product you choose, you are assured a significant return. Little wonder they were awarded the best performing PFA in 2014 by The African Development Magazine.

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