Is your retirement money safe?

Is your retirement money safe? It is with CrusaderSterling Pensions

With the current financial climate is there any point having a pension plan? Asked Remi

I mean he said, just look at the stock market, it hasn’t been doing so well for a while now. How am I sure I won’t lose my money? How am I sure I won’t be given back less than what I put in. I understood his fears…after all we keep hearing about how the stock market has been on a downward trend.

I get where you are coming from Remi, but rest assured your money is safe with CrusaderSterling Pensions. They have seasoned investment managers who are crystal clear with their investment strategies and policies. They carry out extensive research and due diligence before making investments. Their strategy consists of investing in companies in different sectors and also investing in money market instruments such as treasury bills while taking into  account the company’s  growth prospects, competitive advantage, cash flow amongst others.

They aim to achieve excess absolute returns in the medium to long term on the investments they have made to ensure their clients get value for their money. Despite the fact that the market hasn’t been doing well in recent times, they have still been delivering excellent returns.

So fret not Remi, with CrusaderSterling Pensions, your money is safe.

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