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So here I was, minding my own business then I get a phone call from my friend Osa. She had always wanted to be a make-up artist and own her own make-up studio. A couple of months ago her dream became a reality and business was booming.

She called to share her joy and me being me, I asked her about her finances. She said she had hired a financial consultant to help her out.

That’s good, I said to her, so that means your insurance, tax, pension et al have been sorted.

Pension ke! She said, abegii…wetin concern agbero with overload. At the end of the day is not the money I put back they will give me. I will sort that out later…a few years after my business has expanded.

LISTENNN!!! Osa, the sooner you start the better. Your money will be invested and interest will be earned on it, it’s not a savings account…if you start now your returns will be mind blowing. If you start now, what you earn will be way more than what you’ll earn if you decide to start 5 years from now.

Trust Osa, the fact that she heard she’ll be earning interest piqued her interest. I told her a bit more and told her to talk to a trusted Pension Fund Administrator…CrusaderSterling Pensions

Studies show that people that start investing early in life will have more money saved up for retirement than those that start rather late. Starting a pension plan in your 20’s is key to reaping excellent returns from your fund.

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