How to save one million Naira in a year

Bruh!! It’s easy to save when you have a job and things are going well and everything is structured but it’s a little trickier when you start a new business and haven’t found your footing yet…I had been procrastinating when it came to Zikora savings for the last year and giving myself all kinds of excuses But my paddy @otunbasho1 recommended something to me that helped!!! At first I thought he was just washing me cos he invested in Piggy Bank but it’s pretty awesome.

I’m constantly looking for hacks that can help me reach my money goals and I’m very excited about the new wave of Fintech apps that have hit Nigeria and I can’t wait to try them all!! I got to grill @joshchibueze one of the founders of Piggy Bank about how it works.

Sign up to today to help reach achieve your savings goals. The first 200 people that sign up using the code Smart Money will get 1000 added to their account.

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