In Africa, we grow up knowing that we need to make money in order to become financially successful. However, we are not taught in any formal framework, how to keep it or grow it. Due to the lack of financial education, many Africans find themselves at the end of their productive years with no retirement plan or assets to show for their hard work. In many cases, they had decent jobs or ran profitable businesses despite the economic uncertainty in Africa. However, 20 years down the line have no assets to show for all their hard work because they systematically became revolving doors for their money and live paycheck to paycheck.

Our spending culture has surpassed the realization that we need to invest some of our earnings today to ensure we have financial freedom in the future. I am a proud advocate of living the good life and I don’t believe in shaming people for liking the things that make them happy, so I’m not here to judge but I do want to inspire people to manage their finances better.

This blog is a platform for the African millennial who is genuinely interested in becoming financially savvy and wants to break bad financial habits. It is a means to share practical solutions to everyday money problems in an African context and learn fun tips on how to improve their net worth no matter how much they earn.

My mission is to be a relatable voice that encourages the African millennial to invest by breaking down the very complex issue of money and providing financial literacy content that cuts out the financial jargon by using language and stories that resonate with my generation. Giving them great ideas on how to actively grow their assets while still living enjoyable lives.

So if you are an African on their grind, who wants to get money, keep money and grow money…. Welcome to The Smart Money Movement…personal finance for the cool kids.


  1. Create a financially savvy generation of Africans.
  2. Change the African narrative of poverty through financial education.
  3. Inspire Africans to manage their finances better.
  4. Cultivate the next generation of African billionaires.