When Pitching Investors, You Can’t Just Say ‘Ta-Da! Here’s Technology. Give Me Money.’

When Pitching Investors, You Can’t Just Say ‘Ta-Da!

This is a great read for those seeking investors for their start-up. It’s one thing to have an idea…it’s another for people to buy into that idea.

Do not go in with a chip on your shoulder believing you are presenting the greatest idea ever

When pitching to investors, be clear on the following

  • product/service you are providing
  • how it will make them money

It is important to be clear about these things with investors.

For more on this watch the video here

Want to Become an Overnight Success? You’ve Got Years of Work Ahead of You.

Want to Become an Overnight Success? You’ve Got Years of Work Ahead of You.

Often, people tend to believe that successful entrepreneurs became so overnight.

It is by no means an easy feat to start and run a successful business. Mark Zuckerburg, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Sheryl Sandberg, Tara Fela-Durotoye and a whole lot more successful people did not have it easy when starting out.

Further more, running a business is another challenge on it’s own.

Here’s an article that sheds more light on this topic.


Kalu’s Views on Nigeria’s 2016 Budget

Kalu Aja's Views on Nigeria's 2016 Budget Kalu's Views

Kalu Aja is a fiscal conservative, small government supporter and a Financial Planner in his day job. 

“Don’t tell me what you value, show me your budget, and I’ll tell you what you value.”

The quote above was by Vice President Joe Biden, its succinct. If I see what you spend money on, I see what you value.

It has been difficult to do a proper analysis of the 2016 budget because the breakdown was unavailable, however the budget breakdown has been released, and it’s a very disappointing, (I am being polite).

The budget sees a huge spend on capital expenses, this is positive and a reflator of the economy if properly done.

Structurally the budget is a budget of debt with a full ₦1.36t to be spent on debt service, the entire non-oil revenues will be spent on debt service alone. we are borrowing almost ₦420b to pay salaries. However, salaries must be paid, the armed forces, police and teachers must be paid, in fact some may argue that government spending is a necessary stimulus on the face of a slow economy, I concede that point, but in Gods green heaven why is Nigeria spending ₦795m ie $3m to update a website for the Ministry of Solid Minerals?! (more…)